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Mallu Style- User Guide Lines!! Read This Before Posting

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Mallu Style- User Guide Lines!! Read This Before Posting

Post by dj_tiesto on Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:07 am

This Site Can Be viewed with your Parents or by Urself, Any Ages Can Be Surf this Site with out a Fear. The Name says it all “Mallu Style ".

One thing Mallu Style can Guarantee you is that, you will be treated as a “HUMAN " being, and your privacy will be PROTECTED NO MATTER WHAT. As longs you Behave urself and Participating the Discussions. Also One more thing that Mallu Style Admin(s) Need to Bring to your attention. As some of you wondering " Is it My Private Messages is a TOTAL PRIVACY? ". Yes It is. No one other than your self have access into it. BUT, Mallu Style set LINK Tracking Device Set up to find out which member is forwarding other Site Links (which is against the Policy). Please Read through the Rules and Enjoy and Make this site as your Number one Friendship Maker.


• No cursing what’s so EVER.
• No Religious Discussions.
• No Spamming
• No Movie Links (Any Language)
• No Personal Threats (Calling Names)
• No Advertising of Other Sites.
• No Using of Mallu Style Private Message System to Invite Someone to Other Sites. (Allowed Out Side of Mallu Style)
• No Name Calling, Including “Eda, Poda, Nee “As longs the other person is NOT OK with it. Every Member has a “User Name”
• No Disrespecting Admin(s) or Moderators. (Admins have Banning Button, You don’t)
• Allowing "SOMEONE to log in ur ID. (BAN)


• Discuss Anything that under the Sun (DECENT TOPICS)
• Use the Proper Section to Start a Topic.
• Share Mp3 Files/Video Clips/ Your Own Talented Work
• Post Lyrics, Jokes and Any Other Useful Information
• Signatures Allowed, NO LARGE Pics Allowed. (Signature W - 500, H- 110) Texts Allowed (As longs its DECENT WORDINGS)
• Share anything you think is “DECENT " and able to View by Adults and Youngsters)
• Shout Box Chating is Allowed (No More Restrictions)


• Cursing at a Member (It also Apply to Moderators, Admin(s), Members) (1 Strike)
• Calling Inappropriate Names (3 Strike)
• Posting Movie(s) (Any Languages) - (2 Strike)
• Disrespecting Mallu Style out side of Mallu Style as long as you are a Member (1 Strike)
• Bringing Personal issue to Mallu Style( If you are having issue with Another Member in Other Sites, Make sure you leave that issue there, Don't Bring It Here ( 1 Strike )
• Avoid Starting Same Topic Twice. (3 Strike)


• Avoid Posting your Email Address in Public (Issues - Email Virus, Spamming, Unwanted Materials)
• Avoid Sending Pictures Each Other (Internet is BIG - Photos May Fly Around)
• Avoiding “Personal Contact with Another Member, unless you are Sure He/She can Be Trusted beyond the Internet.
• Avoid Personal Discussions Each Other (Might Know you Personally, Or Might use the Content Against you in the Future)
• Avoid Sending Personal Information’s (Phone Number, Address and Any other relevant Information’s)

>> TO BE PART OF Mallu Style:-

• Leader Ship Strength
• Decent Posting Credibility
• Good Approach toward another Member
• Have to have at lest 20 Postings in your Credit (Any Sections)
• Good Information Sharing Capability (50 or More Topics - Useful) [\b]

>> Mallu Style NOTICE BOARD

• No Nick Name Changes Allowed (Choose a BEST Nick Name which representing your personality)
• You can be removed from Moderators Positions ANYTIME by ADMIN(s) - You will not be informed of the Removal.
• A Member can be banned with out Informing (Only if you break the Rules)
• You will NOT be promoted to be a Moderator in Mallu, just because you been with us from the Start.
• Signature Text or Banners Can be removed by Admin(s) Anytime.
• Your Posting(s) can be DELETED with out a Notice (Inappropriate)
• Your Access to Certain Section can and will be restricted if Admin(s) think its Necessary.
• Your Inappropriate Comments will Cost your Membership from Mallu Style
• Please DO NOT Disrespect the Admin(s).
• Admin(s) Can and Will Change these Rules anytime they Desire.
• Hurting a Member(s) Feeling is not a CRIME, but it’s an Offense, So Avoid Such things.
• As you know, Any Content found in this site Posted by anyone, is not responsible by the Mallu Style Administrator
• We don't allow Nick Changes, So Please Choose the best name that represent your personality
• Cut and Paste Article isn't going to make you an active member
• Downloading, Sharing, Burning Mp3 Files are Violation of Copy Rights, You may and will be prosecuted by the LAW.

The Owner of this Site and their admins have and do frequently use the power to remove (ban) members at their discretion to keep an orderly site as they see fit.

Any Questions? Contact: Admin

Thanking You,

Mallu Style- The Great Source Of Entertainment


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Registration date : 2007-07-26

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Re: Mallu Style- User Guide Lines!! Read This Before Posting

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 31, 2007 12:02 pm

well saj,

always our members shoukd follow this

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